Gyllengran once again invites one and all to an awesome event! The main focus for the weekend will be fencing, but there will also be room for other medieval things that we think are fun. The whole event will be held at Rudegården, just west of Sundsvall, Sweden.

We will have a schedule packed with both fencing classes and a lot of sparring. There is loaner-gear for those that want to try fencing.

Alongside the fencing activities there will be room for A&S-activities or just to hang out and chat for those who wish to have alternatives to fencing, and the evening will be rounded off with a dinner for all.

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(More to be added)

Beginners’ class: This is the class for you if never had tried fencing but want to, but also for those who wants to train the basics

Longsword class for beginners: The basics of longsword, mostly based on the german fencing master Joachim Meyer

Basic thrust class: Thrust in rapier fencing according to the Italian fencing master Nicoletto Giganti

Prize fight: At least one, maybe two

Tournament: The annual, traditional, prestigious tournament

Sparring: It will be time in the schedule for free sparring och pick ups

How to plan a fencing practice: An open discussion about how to plan fencing practice

Site opens at 18:00 on Friday and closes 12:00 on Sunday.

We will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner during Saturday and breakfast at Sunday.


Whole weekend: 400 SEK
Daytrip Saturday with feast: 350 SEK
Daytrip Saturday without feast: 250 SEK
Not SCA-member: Add 50 SEK on price

Payment information will be provided after registration. The event fee shall be payed 18th February by the latest to Gyllengrans postgiro 410 73 16-4, Name: SKA Gyllengran. Add ”Fäkthelgen” and name of the person you pay for. It is also possible to pay by Swish to 123 083 94 23, but then you need to add 5 SEK as an additional fee. Ask the event steward if you need international payment information.

Registration will open 30th October and close 18th February.

Register here.

Site information

Rudegården is a two-story building with two large rooms downstairs that is used for crash space, A&S lecture, court, fencing and food/feast. Upstairs is another room used for crash space, a bigger hall for fencing activities, showers and a sauna. The downstairs is completely wheelchair accessible.

The only sleeping option is crash space, so bring your own stuff (or ask if you can borrow).

Map to Rudegården.


Mirel atte WilleGyllengran
Ezechiel CorbinGyllengran
Gele PechpluminNordmark
Beatrix de Lyme RegisHolmrike
Matheus LeuchensisAros
Birna in SvartaAros
Erasmus Dan DigitusNordmark

Event steward

Miriel atte Wille (

Marshal in charge

Fardäng Skvaldre (